We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of surfing instruction possible. We believe that teaching surfing is an honor and a responsibility. Every person is different and we aim to meet the particular needs of every individual. Two main elements to our success have been:

  1. Hiring Very Selectively
  2. Our Surf Instructor Certification and Training Program

How we started:

AQUA SURF School, Inc. is a Santa Monica based company providing surf instruction services to Southern California, Florida and Hawaii. The company initiative began in 1997. We wanted to share the gift of surfing in a safe, fun and professional way. AQUA SURF has developed a systematic way of teaching clients, training instructors, and running operations. We constantly strive to share the amazing experience of surfing with the greater community. As the dynamic culture of surfing continues to grow, AQUA SURF continues to implement innovative methods for making surfing a positive and rewarding experience for everyone.

How AQUA SURF School stands apart:

Education is something our surf school takes very seriously. The staff at AQUA SURF School is consistently working on improving, learning and innovating to keep our curriculum on the crest of the wave. We also search to find the best instructors in the world. These instructors share their experience and knowledge combined with our code of values to teach surfing. This maximizes our students' success and learning adventures. At AQUA SURF School, we seek to create positive experiences and memories that will last forever.

AQUA Surf School