Corporate Events and Team Building on the Beach!

Reinvent your company's "board meetings" with AQUA SURF, and experience new and exciting methods of team building and enhanced employee communication. Benefits include:

  • Creating and supporting a common focus
  • Learning new skills
  • Experiencing a relaxed atmosphere where people feel comfortable sharing and partnering
  • Building personal and professional relationships between and among colleagues and departments
  • Raising the awareness of the importance of open, precise communication
  • Challenging employees intellectually, physically and emotionally
  • Enhancing teamwork where everyone’s contribution is required, understood and appreciated

Synergize your company!

We energize team members through our dynamic team empowering surfing excercises and activities.
Planning your event: We will meet your specific needs regarding key business issues, learning objectives, budget, number of attendees and the timeframes. We have done corporate surf events with as few as 10 people and as many as 1,000.
Please contact us.